4773 Baltimore St 

Eagle Rock/Highland Park  90042

Parking can be tight. Please see the map for suggestions on where to park.  

Also see second map below this map for parking in my neighbor's yard.

3 cars can fit in our driveway and 1 car can park in front of our driveway after our driveway is full. 

Parking in my Neighbor's Yard 4769 Baltimore St

I think about 13 cars can fit in my neighbor's yard. Each green rectangle represents how I think the most cars could park and still allow access.  It's a rough estimate.

Please be thoughtful when you park so the most amount of cars can fit and have access.   The green rectangles are suggested way to park as to fit in the most amount of cars.  It is only a guide/

If there is nearby parking on the street when you come by, please grab those spots first. 

 House Concert Parking

If there is close by parking on the street, grab that first,

Neighbor's house for parking



The red arrows show where you can park.  Keep the south side clear for exiting,