We ask for a donation of $30
which goes to the artist
and towards catering,
paid in advance.

A house concert is an intimate way to experience great music and to have an opportunity to interact with the artist.

We only host artists who we are big fans of who we know will "rock the folk!"   (Artists, please see the note at the bottom of this passage). *

We do a catered dinner prior to the concert to give friends old and new a chance to hang out and relax.

We are located in the Highland Park/Eagle Rock neighborhood of Los Angeles.


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Our house concerts are

non smoking


fragrance free events.

Cindy Alexander


Born and raised in Los Angeles, Cindy was trained at the acclaimed USC School of Drama, but realized quickly that there was enough “drama” in real life, and the best part she could play was herself. Cindy has released ten studio albums (and added to numerous compilations and soundtracks). She has also performed all across the US, Japan, Germany, Ireland, and islands as far as Barbados and Guantanamo Bay. Music has always been the key to her adventure, and she soaks up the stories of those she meets, the cultures, the geography, the spirit, and the down and dirty details of the road she travels. As a seasoned writer and performer, Cindy has tackled numerous subjects which expand beyond the classic singer-songwriter confessional fare of dysfunctional relationships, marriage, and motherhood. Cindy explores her own personal discovery and recovery from breast cancer, the perils of the entertainment business, classic literature, sexuality, spirituality, history and the human condition. Her approach to writing and performing in a nutshell: “In art, we have to be vulnerable. That’s the difference between art and craft. The art is an open heart and a naked soul; the craft is an open mind and an engaged brain. When they all work together…well, that’s something to behold.”

Cindy cares less about the accolades and awards (she won NBC’s and David Foster’s Star Tomorrow and turned down the record deal, and has won multiple L.A. Music Awards, among a multitude of others) than she does about her greatest asset in the entertainment business: her Fans. “P-nut,” as she is affectionately known by them, has a voice that defies her petite stature. Classically trained, this coloratura soprano hits the high notes like an angel but also bellows with rich, velvety tones in the lower half of her over three octave range. She’s a storyteller, and her show benefits from the humor and banter with the audience in between songs, in addition to the music and exceptional execution. Cindy Alexander connects, and her relationship with her fans has funded her creative endeavors and fueled her continued success as a touring indie musician.

Cindy Alexander 

Saturday, February 25, 2023!!!

Pre show dinner 


Concerts starts between

7:30 and 8:00

House Concert Info

Please note: "Seth and Tony's House Concerts" is simply the name we choose to describe our private parties, in our private home.

These parties are NOT a business nor are they a business related activity. They are strictly a hobby for us, and are simply gatherings of our friends and guests to enjoy live acoustic music, fellowship, food (a catered dinner) and fun.

We ask for a suggested donation which goes to the artist and to help cover costs.

 Note to Artists,

We get a lot of requests, but unfortunately we do so few of these, that we reserve these shows for artists who we have seen and love and want to share them with our friends, which means we do not have the capacity to honor the so many requests we get. Thank you for your interest.